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That means it's time for the photographic competition when [ profile] apademek and I try to outdo each other with our photos. So far I'm trailing a very poor second.
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This year, the categories are flowers, birds, Winter scene, trees, four legged friend and down on the farm. I sorted through my phots and came up with ones that I felt were good enough to show  and stood a reasonable chance of getting in the top three. As with last year, I have a serious contender in the birds category as [ profile] apademek has a superb photograph of a little green bee eater that posed on the fence of Luxor Temple.

This is my entry for "down on the farm". Not living on or working at a farm limited the choice somewhat. However, whilst in Egypt we went to the Agricultural Museum and this relief was one of the exhibits. This shows a scene from the tomb of Mereuka, dyn. 5, at Saqqara. It was sufficiently off-the-wall (pun intended) that I hope will appeal to the judges.

This is the four legged friend (fiend?). [ profile] apademek is using a picture of Melchett so I decided not to use my really cute picture of him asleep with a paw over his nose. Besides, having a four-legged friend that can eat everyone else's four-legged friend seemed fun.This was taken in Mexico, at Lake Coba.

Flowers, part of a display that was put around the village church door in October 2010.

Birds. I didn't have a picture of a real bird to rival the one I entered last year. Hence, it was time to get creative. This is a scene from the Botanical or Zoological Garden in the festival temple of Tuthmosis III at Karnak. These scene shows animals and birds that Tuthmosis III encountered on his Syrian campaign.

Trees. Again I wanted something different. We had been to Batsford Arboretum earlier in the year and I had some nice shots of pretty trees, some of which were in flower. I also had a photograph of a ceiba tree at Tikal, in Mexico. At the time I only had a compact digital camera and that didn't have a wide enough field of view to get the whole tree in. This old stump had washed up on the beach near Tulum in Mexico.

Finally a Winter scene. This is St. Swithun's in Merton with a nice dusting of snow back in December.  The church authorities have taken to illuminating the church to raise money. £5 gets it lit up for an hour or so.


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