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It has been a while since we saw my brother in law's dog, back on June 20th we went down to the New Forest to see them and their two dogs. Since then they lost Gypsy and young Brad (above) has been a bit distraught. They had been looking for another bitch to replace Gypsy and had got on a breeder's list for a puppy. On Sunday they were able to go and visit the breeder and see the litter. As the dogs were in Rubery, near Longbridge, it meant that they were only an hour or so away from where we live so they came to stay for a night before going back to the New Forest. Sunday evening they arrived after an interesting detour courtesy of their satnav as it had decided a fenced off bridleway was a road. Melchett was unimpressed with the invasion and took himself outside in a high dudgeon.

With care, it was possible to keep dog and cat separated although there were a few close calls - I've never seen a cat go through a cat flap as quickly as Melchett did when Brad tried to chase him. I think Melchett has forgiven us as he's coming in now without peering round the door carefully just in case the large, hairy monster is still about.

This morning we took Brad up to Merton Wood for a good run about so that he would be more relaxed when traveling back South. The picture I have posted was the best of a mediocre bunch, I have some of a black blur, one of a dog's bum disappearing out of frame and one of a lot of grass and no dog whatsoever.

So, a message for [ profile] wellinghall , who said that his family had a history of flat coats - as flat coat fans we'd like to know more!


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