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At present I'm helping Opera-Buff move into sheltered accommodation. This involves sorting through 33 years of accumulated strata in his old flat. There are going to be regions that have not seen light of day in decades but they are a joy to come.

He has decided to to keep all his CDs (ca. 1500 of them) but get rid of his cassettes and LPs. Most of the cassettes are his own recordings and not worth anything. The 1000+ LPs would need either Opera-Buff or an independent expert to value them. They, or rather, the ones we have found so far, are stacked up against two walls. Getting rid of most of his music meant he does not need his hifi any longer; these days he plays CDs on a walkman and uses headphones.

So, I brought his hifi back here and started to repair and clean it all. I had noriced a single loudspeaker sitting in a corner covered in dust and being used as a book dump. I asked him about it and he called it a Sound Sales Phase Inverter Speaker. The idea was to point the thing at a corner of the room and a stereo effect could be obtained courtesy of the baffles on the front. This dates to the early days of hifi.

P8260254 2

P8260256 2

I guess this thing must date to the 1950s though I'm wouldn't bet any money on that. It's 29" high, 18" depth and 14" wide, so it's quite substantial. Sound-wise the treble response is poor by today's (or my) standards but adjusting the graphic equaliser to boost treble to this and attenuate it to one of my Acoustic Research AR28s helped even things up a bit. Overall it has a good base and middle response.

Opera-Buff is unlikely to want it back again and I will certainly hang on to it until [ profile] alitalf has had a chance to play with it.

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