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We have been subject to a spate of kids knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell and then running away. It only seemed to happen when our outside light is on, which is annoying because we leave it on for the cat. Light on means come and yell at the front door and someone will let you in, light off means go round the back of the house and use any of the three cat flaps I installed for you.

It started back in either late August or early September when we were watching TV and we had someone ring the bell. When I answered the door there was no-one there and I checked around the area but couldn't see anyone. Some days later it happened again and this time I went upstairs to a dark room and watch 4 young lads (they looked like lads) run and hide behind a wall on the opposite side of the road. When they thought the coast was clear they ran up the little cul-de-sac and towards one of the bungalows up there. I knew that the occupants of one of the bungalows were on holiday so I kept and eye out for trouble and talked to a couple of people who live up there. Nobody else had had a problem or seen anything.

After that I started recording when the incidents happened..One occurred on the 8th. October, around 9pm and again at 9pm on the 14th. October. This time I saw two youngsters run along the pavement and head towards the ex-pub. We decided we'd had enough of this and I spoke to the neighbourhood watch representative to see if anyone else had reported a problem. No-one else had, so I spoke to various people who live near to us and only Roy & Lila at No.1 had had a problem. When Lila was in the house on her own, someone had thrown something at the front door.

We had another incident on Saturday 23rd. at 9pm, just after I'd got back from Birmingham. Then I had another one this morning at 11:55am. As it's half term, I wasn't overly surprised but I went to Roy & Lila's to see if they were alright as Roy has been spending a lot of time doing up his spare house in Swanage and Lila gets worried when things like that happen. Roy had been outside fitting up a security light and had seen two young girls run along the path towards our house moments before. When he got a camera out they hid behind a wall with a third person, and scuttled off somewhere. Not long after, he saw them nearby and was able to get a few good photos. Whilst he was showing them to me to see if I recognised them, I saw the girls were about 50 metres away and were jumping out from behind a bush, shouting something at us and then hiding again. Not being fazed in the slightest, Roy shouted at them and when they ran down the street, he chased them. Eventually, they ducked into a lane between two houses. Roy looked for them there and noticed he was being watched by a man in one of the houses. Roy told him what was going on and asked him if he knew who the girls were. One was his daughter and the other was her friend from the next village. He assured Roy that it wouldn't happen again.

That accounts for two of them, possibly a third so who the fourth is I don't know. I was fairly certain that the time when 4 were running about, they looked like boys.

How long before we get a brick through the window?
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