Mar. 11th, 2014

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Around 14/4/2013 the RAC should have taken a direct debit from my credit card. They didn’t, so I was without cover for the remainder of the year and also into 2014. Checking later, I could find no evidence of a payment having gone through.

On 20/2/2014 the van had a puncture and, although I could get the wheel nuts off, I could not loosen the rust joint between the wheel and the hub joint. Driving up and down with loosened wheel nuts did not break the joint. So, believing I was a member, I called the RAC. They said I wasn’t a member, that I had cancelled the payment (not true) and I would have to rejoin. Being stuck, I did not have much option (I needed the car to get on holiday that evening).

£141 later, an RAC man turned up and freed the stuck wheel and changed to the spare. He had a much bigger hammer than me.

Whilst on holiday, I received a telephone call from someone called Mikey, 0800722822, who said that there was a 50% discount available because I hadn’t cancelled the payment. He gave me a promotional code, RCDRL50, to use to get the discount.

On 4/3/2014 I called that number. It doesn’t connect. I called the standard RAC number 0800828282 at 14p/minute, for 11minutes 53 seconds, and waded my way through automated direction options. With help from the operator, I got put through to the payment people who said that because I had rejoined as a new member, they couldn’t refund me the money. They did say that I could upgrade. Apparently without using the promotional discount which isn’t transferable to the next year either. So the discount is completely useless.

Notes to self:

Payment terms are defined on page 47 of the T&Cs booklet. It does not say whether I have agreed to have my details stored on their database for automatic renewal. I don’t believe I did authorise that.
About 20th. January 2015, cancel all payments to the RAC and start researching Green Flag, AA etc.


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